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Oct 24 '12

2012 California and San Francisco Voting

As I’ve done in some previous elections, I’m sharing how I voted on various initiatives. I believe ballot measures are the worst form of legislation, so a measure must overwhelmingly convince me to vote for it.

California Propositions

Prop 30: No, should be changed by legislature

Prop 31: No, budgets should be reviewed annually

Prop 32: No, if corporations can do it, so should unions be allowed

Prop 33: No, there are legitimate reasons to not be insured

Prop 34: Yes, the death penalty is morally wrong and more expensive

Prop 35: No, courts don’t need this

Prop 36: No, should be changed by legislature

Prop 37: No, free market should decide, also scientists say no to 37

Prop 38: No, should be changed by legislature

Prop 39: No, too business unfriendly

Prop 40: Yes, for procedural reasons

San Francisco Ballot Measures

Measure A: No, pay for your own college education

Measure B: Yes, somewhat reluctantly

Measure C: No, the free market should control housing prices

Measure D: Yes, higher voter turnout

Measure E: Yes, taxing on revenue makes more sense than payroll

Measure F: Fuck No, Hetch Hetchy is vital California infrastructure

Measure G: Yes, corporations are not people

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